Getting Consumer Confidence Back

What is your Business Continuity Plan! Digital Marketing and e-commerce have earned the most prominent position in the Business Continuity Plan of any organization, during/post-COVID 19.

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What do Customers expect in Customer service?

Good customer service involves developing bonds with customers. But it is not easily achieved. It requires continuous efforts and improvement. This article finds some answers for retailers on customer service.

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The 7 mattress care tips you should abide by

Mattress care tips are a dime a dozen. Everyone’s got their homemade protocols for ensuring the longevity, but without the right technical knowledge, there’s a good chance you could end up doing more harm.

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ISPF is an industry body which promotes importance of sleep and role of mattress for a Indian consumers. ISPF plays very important role in connecting Indian bedding industry ecosystem. ISPF also acts as bridge between India and international players.