A country that sleeps soundly is the most advanced; a society that sleeps well is the most cultured.

Over the last one decade, the “going to bed” time has shifted significantly. It first shifted out with the advent of Television and later with the advent of Internet and now with Smartphones. Here is a brief look at the shift that has taken place. Sleep is a serious business. There are a number of OTC drugs, oils and oral medicines which promise to help a better, stress-free sleep. CBD () is a major player in this case. While in the western world, it is already a staple of sleep deprived populatiom, it is about to make inroads in India. Just to illustrate how deep CBD has moved into people’s pysche, this piece of information is crucial: 1 in 7 Americans say they use #CBD products & 40 percent of users utilize CBD products for #pain, 20 percent for #anxiety, 11 percent for #sleep .


There are a plethora of products that are in Beta or lab testing phase which are about to make a debut in the market. Let us look at Beddit, a company owned by the mother of all product makers, Apple. Beddit sells a Sleep monitor and the owners of its Beddit 3.5

Monitor and App can sign up to participate in a data sharing program over their sleep and in return they get to use some of the new features before they are rolled out to general public.


“Become Part of The CoroPilo Beta Tester Team.” announces the Beta program page of Coropilo, a New York based company which touts itself as a startup with a single goal: To change the way we experience comfort. Coropilo is a stateof-the-art “smart pillow” maker that heats and cools naturally on command.

Coropilo is in Beta. It is asking people to signup for its Beta program so that it can come up with the best possible product. To exhort supporters it carries on its Beta Sign up page an interest bit of information from a survey by US National Sleep Foundation: “More than 35 percent of people suffer from poor sleep which can have long-term negative impacts on their health.”

FitBit’s Sleep Score Beta

FitBit, the pioneer in wearables, is running a Beta for its Sleep Score which is compatible with FitBit Charge 3, FitBit Versa and FitBit Ionic. Everyday morning the participants need to sync their FitBit with their FitBit app on their phones and answer a few questions. This helps FitBit to understand the nature of your sleep and give it a score. It is a great way for sleep conscious folks to keep in touch with their daily mood swings, energy levels, and other paramters. It can help them adjust their day’s routine according to their score.

Dreem 2

If you are the kind of person who does not mind going to bed wearing a headband then Dreem 2 is your kind of a product. Dreem is a futuristic product which is many things rolled into one. It is an advanced sleep monitor, a sleeping coach and trainer delivered through a CBTi therapy and is said to help you in long term sleep restructuring.

Variable Auto CPAP

This is a three decades old technology making a come back to the bedside table in many homes. Used to treat sleep apnea and sleep disorders, CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) helps users regulate breathing; pump out CO2 and if there is an Oxygen input to pump in fresh Oxygen. The latter is used mostly in treating COPD conditions.

Smart Pillows & Mattresses

There are a number of smart pillows which improve your sleep by regulating the pillow temparature. There are pillows which play relaxing sleep sounds without disturbing your partner. Sleep trackers and monitors are now being embedded in the pillows. Bedding companies like Chilipad and Bedjet are companies that offer mattresses that heat and cool on demand.
In this data driven world, sleeping beds and mattresses are becoming smart. As part of the IoT revolution, the bed has become a source of data. The head of the bed may raise automatically sensing snoring or to reduce the risk of sleep apnea. Instead of wearing trackers and monitors on your person, you can now sleep soundly with the safe knolwedge that your bed is recording your sleep data and will sync with your app automatically in the morning.
There are a number of products that are making sleep enjoyable again. Tomorrow’s products can deal with lighting, sound, ambient temperature, humidity, and when it comes to our bodily functions handle air pressure while we breathe, positively impact our brain waves and influence our cognitive behaviour. All of this to put us to good night’s sleep.

Bedding products

Cannot sleep without a blanket even in summers? We hear you! Here’s our collection of all-season comforters for a warm, cozy sleep round the year. That’s the clarion call of a popular brand, Sleepwell. This goes to show that while electronics and AI are helping us collect data and control our sleep ecosystem, the mattress industry is focusing on bringing the best physical solutions in terms of better springs, memory foam and fabric.

Today, mattresses are being redesigned from the ground up to make them mind blowingly personalized. Wakefit is a case in point. It is interesting to note how companies are applying macro-molecular science to create a new game-changing product from the same 40-year old technology of memory foam. Wakefit, for instance, touts the fact that it has 1,000 man hours of research before it came up with its best memory foam mattress.


With a vision of democratising sleep in the country, Wakefit specializes in providing Orthopedic memory foam mattresses that come in various sizes. Wakefit is an Indian startup offering innovative sleep mattresses. It sells its products through its online platform and is fast becoming a household name.

Nap Nap is a baby sleeping mat that is portable and truly innovative product from India. It mimics the vibrations of a mother’s womb and promises to put the baby to sleep faster. Sleeping products aimed at babies and infants are a big draw in the Indian market.

Sleep Labs

Pune, Surat, Gurgaon and Bangalore are seeing a rise in sleep labs. With the rise of knowledge economy, 24/7 connected world, the working population is over stressed. Nuclear familes trying to balance work, home, children and time for themselves is making us a zombie society. The addiction of social media with the power of smartphones in people’s hands is snatching away our present and the future is in danger.

Stress is the biggest issue people face at workplace and at home This is leading to people searching and finding solace in escapades, be it social media, daily visits to late night dance clubs or keeping away from people in fear of losing everything. Sleep is the major casualty in all of this. A man deprived of sleep is a zombie who cannot work, socialize or tend to near and dear ones.

Many innovations are now springing up to help people get back to sound sleep. Sleeping Labs weren’t even heard of in the past in Indian urban lingo. However, today is a commonplace phrase. Many Sleeping labs are coming up offering innovative cures to our growing sleeplessness. From studying sleeping patterns, our addictions, our fears, our cognitive dissonance with the real world, these sleep labs are acting like detoxing centers. People come here to find solace, relax, find solutions to real problems such as sleep apnea, snoring and the likes and learn to fix their problems.

Yoga and meditation

On thing is true that although sleep products industry is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, it’s not all technology. There are clinics and resorts tucked away in serene sorroundings providing people a complete insultation from their electronic addictions and giving them a new life where they get to appreciate a non-hurried world, away from even a mundane newspaper or a television news. Mobile are a no-no in such centres.

India is waking up, rather sleeping on its timeless Yoga as a great healer of stressful life and a wonderful sleep inducer in the night. Our mattress makers are alive to this wonderful state India finds itself now. They are turning to natural material to improve the comfort a mattress provides. They are offering Yoga mats to sleeping mattresses to help you and me sleep well.

As an illustration of how traditional methodologies of Yoga and meditation and modern gadgets and smart mattresses and pillows can co-exist is here: Give more time for thinking. So “Think” is not just the buzz word you will hear from IBM or Apple. It will be now on everyone’s mind. Spend a lot of time thinking in the day time and that is a great way to drive away insomnia.

ISPF is an industry body which promotes importance of sleep and role of mattress for a Indian consumers. ISPF plays very important role in connecting Indian bedding industry ecosystem. ISPF also acts as bridge between India and international players.