Understanding the World of Sleep with Better Sleep Quality

World of sleep of child sleeping well on the bed

When you sleep well, You live well – World of Sleep

Good sleep is priceless

When was the last time you slept like a baby to experience the soothing world of sleep? Perhaps, when you were actually a baby and life hadn’t caught up with its baggage of responsibilities! Today, as we juggle never-ending schedules, good sleep has become rare, and also the most ignored activity in our lives.
We, at World of Sleep, are here to make good sleep a way of life, just like it was when you were a baby.

Welcome to the World of Sleep

World of Sleep (WOS) is an initiative that focuses on promoting good quality sleep, and thereby a healthier
lifestyle. Created by HGH India and ISPF, WOS advocates the importance of sleep products for quality sleep,
by bringing together information and insights that can help people make better choices for better sleep.
Parallelly, WOS showcases Indian and Global innovations in sleep products and trends, empowering retailers to
be more aware of their industry trends. It is a knowledge platform for retailers to understand and offer their
best to customers.
A platform that highlights the importance of sleep and sleep products to empower consumers to make
smarter buying decisions.
So that they can enhance their quality of sleep for good health.

Wake up!
Some sleep facts we simply cannot ignore

50% of adults still consider sleep to have the maximum impact on their health and wellbeing

35% of people do not feel they get enough sleep, impacting their physical and mental health

62% of adults say they don’t sleep well

67% of adults report sleep disturbances at least once every night

Some sleep facts we simply cannot ignore.

More eye-openers
Lack of good quality sleep directly impacts our health and well-being.

Most adults who suffer from a lack of sleep face common ailments like
Insomnia | Snoring | Shift Work Sleep Disorder | Chronic Pain | Sleep Apnea | Restless Leg Syndrome |

These ailments add up to long-term health consequences like:
Heart disease | Kidney Disease | High Blood Pressure and Diabetes | Depression | Obesity

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If sleep was a science…

A look at elements that form the perfect formula for good sleep

A good quality mattress: A good mattress is at the centre of good sleep. Depending on specific needs, ideally, a
bed should not only offer comfort at varying levels but also provide the proper ergonomic support. Given
this fact, choosing a branded mattress is always a more sensible option.

Lighting: Light plays a pivotal role in creating a good sleep environment. It helps regulate the body’s sleep-wake
cycle and influences the release of the sleep hormone melatonin.” Ensuring that the bedroom has soothing
lighting stimulates a timely feeling of sleepiness.

Colours: Using tranquil colours in the bedroom creates a more conducive atmosphere for good sleep – from the
colours of the walls to the colour of furnishings and even wall accessories like paintings.

Temperature: Ideally, the temperature in a bedroom should be at a level where it gives maximum comfort,
neither too warm nor too cold.

Fragrance: Smell is one of our most potent senses, and directly impacts how we feel while going to sleep.
Aromatherapy can relax our minds and body, helping us drift into a tranquil sleep.

Music and sound: The brain processes sounds, not only while we are falling asleep but even when we are
asleep. Soft, soothing music is a great way to prepare for sleep. If one wishes for soundless sleep, using soft
earplugs is also an option.

Accessories: Mattress protectors, plush mattress covers, good quality bed sheets and pillows, and moisture-absorbing bedsheets, are all factors that have a significant effect on the quality of sleep.

Gadgets: While gadgets are usually considered a strict- no-no in your sleeping space, today technology and
innovation has created sophisticated gadgets that can help monitor and induce good quality sleep.

World of Sleep empowers retailers to grow their business

World of Sleep
Empowering retailers to grow their business

Because you are the perfect voice for customers.
As a retailer, you are much more than just a salesman. You are an advisor to the customers, a trusted guide who
helps them make the right buying and lifestyle decisions.

Our mission for retailers: Know to Grow
One of the primary missions of the World of Sleep is to provide you with a platform where you can gather all the
know-how you need to effectively sell the concept of good sleep to your customers. We are here to support
you in providing better sleep solutions to your customers and show you the way forward to turn footfalls into
fruitful conversions at your store.

How you benefit as a retailer

Learn from the leaders
WOS will provide you with the knowledge and industry research you need to keep your finger on the pulse. By
reaching out to you and engaging you with our informational blogs, e-mails, etc. we will keep you updated on the latest sleep’ industry trends, technological innovations and new product launches.

Upgrade your skills
Our retail workshops have been designed to train you with advanced selling skills, digital presence, productivity
improvement, understanding consumer behaviour and experience, etc. The certification programme has been
appreciated by store owners, who have commended it for not only increasing their profit levels but also
expanding their customer base.

Grow your business
WOS also provides you with a platform to reach out, connect and grow your business. Our goal is to create an
an ecosystem where you can easily connect with companies that offer the products you sell, streamline your
demand-supply chain and also discover ways to improve conversions with consultative selling.

Be more than a seller. Be a consultant for good sleep.

Buying has become an experience for customers, especially when they visit a retail store. Personalizing this
experience is the key to higher and big-ticket sales. How you interact with your buyer, what advice you give and
how you help him find the solution that suits him best are key factors in growing your business.

ISPF is an industry body which promotes importance of sleep and role of mattress for a Indian consumers. ISPF plays very important role in connecting Indian bedding industry ecosystem. ISPF also acts as bridge between India and international players.