Smart mattresses are going to be the new trend of the industry with slowly growing demand in the Indian market.

This gives an opportunity for us to know more about this new face of mattress. Let us try to understand something about it.

Pooja Makhija is a renowned nutritionist consulted by the biggest Bollywood stars. From Ranbir Kapoor to Deepika Padukone, all vouch for her fitness regimen and dietary acumen. She has thousands of followers on social media handles, especially Instagram. By virtue of her achievements and the testimonials, she commands much respect. Thus, recently, when in one of her Insta stories, she spoke about the need for good sleep hygiene, people started to notice. In her short informative video, Pooja talks about how sleep plays a vital role in our well-being and can boost immunity and overall health. “Seven to eight hours of sleep is important for adults to achieve good mental and physical health for longevity. What I really learned this year is the importance of sleep hygiene and having similar wake-up and sleep time.” She also spoke about the biological clock or the circadian clock that maintains the bodily rhythms. “Also, each organ in the body has its biological clock. When this clock is disturbed, by not sleeping on time, or not having good quality sleep, its rejuvenation and detoxification suffer,” she adds. (https://www.instagram. com/tv/CJV6szSBFhT/?utm_source=ig_ web_copy_link)

Indeed, the realization that sleep plays a very critical role in our lives is steadily being realized by one and all. Over the past year, with the world going into a topsy-turvy, with work from home becoming the norm, the delineation between work and routine life has been erased. People are not only working longer but also sleeping irregularly. This results in either oversleeping or undersleeping; in either case, it’s harmful to the body.

And when we talk of sleep, we can’t but not speak about the mattress. The mattress, unarguably, is the single most crucial piece of furniture in anyone’s life. The math speaks for itself. On average, an individual spends close to 8 hours in sleep; that’s a straight one-third of their life. Considering that mattresses are not changed for quite a few years, it is obvious the hours spent on the bed easily outdo any other spent anywhere else. That’s the power of the humble mattress.

The smart mattress uses smart technologies that are exciting to the customer. The interconnected devices convert the normal mattress to an intelligent mattress. This has allowed more customization and personalization for the customers

Great powers, great responsibility

Yet, despite all the importance the mattress plays in our lives, there hasn’t been much attention paid to its form and make. Mattresses have been around since the time of the mighty empires, but they were the chattel of the rich and the mighty. It was only in the 20th Century when the mattress became a mass-market commodity with standardization in size and the materials used. The mattress was being quickly shipped off from the assemblyline to the retail store. In the many decades that passed, there wasn’t much change reflected in the mattress. Indeed, many varieties were available based on the customer’s budget, yet there was no essential difference among the mattress themselves.

Thankfully, that is changing now; one of the big trends is the technologization of the mattress. Over the past many years, technology has become an intrinsic part of our lives. We live in an age of technology, where everything is going ‘smart.’ In fact, the term smart would be listed out as an adjective or at rare times as a verb in our everyday usage. Yet, over the past decade or so, the word seems to have gained a life of its own; it has become an idiom — a term that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to it. The reason is apparent; we live in a world where everything is either smart or becoming one. From the smartphones in our pockets to the smart homes in which we live, the smart cars that have debuted on the roads to the smart cities that have come up. Everything is becoming smart these days.

So, it is no surprise that mattresses, too, are joining the smart league. In recent years, innovation has come to the mattress industry, leading to smart mattresses that employ different technologies to give sleepers advanced sleep-enhancing features.

Defining the Smartness

Essentially speaking, a smart mattress leverages the power of technology to provide exciting and innovative functionalities to the customer. Much of this technology is embedded and beyond the view of the customer. The driving spirit behind the smartness is the inter-connectedness that turns the mattress into a data device that shares data, which can then be analyzed through the usage of various algorithms. With the availability and spread of high-speed Internet, India is seeing a boom in new devices coming online. For instance, India ranks second in terms of the number of telecom subscriptions, internet subscribers, and App downloads. Still, India holds the world’s highest data usage per Smartphone at an average of 9.8 GB per month. It is expected to double to 18 GB by 2024. A smart mattress uses all these technologies like Bluetooth connectivity, sensors, etc., to connect different devices or even to the Internet. Some of the exciting features of a smart mattress are sleep tracking sensors, automatic firmness adjustment, and cutting-edge components in the comfort system or support core.

Additionally, these mattresses allow greater customization and personalization of experience based on customer requirements. For instance, a smart mattress will provide a different firmness level to various individuals in the same family, based on their preferred choices. This is very different from the consistent experience of a traditional mattress that cannot change or adapt to individual choices.

The smartness spread

Just like the features available on mobile phones, the features vary on the smart mattresses. Here are some of the primary components of a smart mattress:

Health monitoring mattress: This type of mattress monitors the customer’s various health-related parameters through the use of sensors. This sort of mattress can gather biometric data about the individual’s health by measuring heart rate, breathing, and temperature. These mattresses can even assess the quality of sleep. The mattress can even monitor the ambient environment, like the temperature and light in the room.

Customizable mattress: Smart mattresses are unique in the sense that they adapt and change according to the customer’s needs and requirements. For example, there are beds like an airbed, where the firmness levels can be altered through an app or a remote. Also, many of these smart mattresses provide a temperature control feature, wherein the bed could be heated or cooled by a few taps on the mobile phone.

Self-adjusting mattress: Artificial intelligence is the hallmark of smartness. And now AI seems to be making its debut in the mattress space as well. Take the self-adjusting mattresses, for instance. These mattresses proactively adjust setting through the night to provide a comfortable sleep to the customer. Using sensors that gather data on temperature and sleeping patterns, the mattress can tweak the firmness or temperature proactively and without you ever needing to wake up.

Connected mattress: Everything is interconnected these days, so why should not the mattress be as well? Presenting the connected mattress that connects to the home WiFi and can also integrate with other apps conveniently. Connectivity with Amazon Alexa and Google Home are popular features, especially since they can allow the customer to adjust mattress settings with voice commands.

Sound-enabled mattress: Smart mattresses also come with an audio interface that includes music-playing capabilities, integrated alarms, comforting sounds, mediation programs, etc.

And it is not only the mattress that is going smart; there are a host of other products that are also joining the bandwagon. Here are a few instances:

Smart pillow: Now, pillows are available with in-built speakers that can connect to mobile phone devices over Bluetooth.

Sleep trackers: There are several types of sleep trackers available on any online shopping mart. These can include wearable devices, small devices that wrap around your wrist and provide a detailed analysis of the sleeping patterns.

Smart cover: Slipping over the top of the bed, a smart cover includes sensors to gather data on various sleep-related aspects

The India story

There is no doubt about the potential of growth for this market category in India. We have already seen how people are becoming conscious of health-related parameters. With fitness influencers like Pooja Makhija talking about health-related issues on popular platforms like Facebook or Instagram, the awareness levels among the average Indian is increasing. As the connection between good sleep and the right mattress gets strengthened, it will not be too far when mattresses with tech features make a splash in the Indian marketplace. Since everything is going smart, it is just a matter of time before we start sleeping on smart mattresses.