How sleep industry can use social media for consumer awareness?

In this era of netizens, the advertising industry has evolved so much such that the traditional mediums have felt the need for re-innovating by means of collaboration with the new media. The future of advertising hence lies in new technologies and mediums that evolve. In order to increase the awareness of sleep and mattress, social media can be a powerful tool in drawing in consumers. Here are some of the interesting ways that form the successful social media trends in the mattress marketing sector.

Product Porn

Have you heard of the term ‘food porn’? Food porn is a concept by which a variety of dishes are presented in pictures or videos and makes the viewers drool over it. In line with the same concept, every product has a scope to offer enticing product porn to woo the consumers to buy. While crafts, makeup and cookery top the list of product porn, now, even the mattress industry have some to offer. Innovatively shooting bedroom ambiences and displaying interesting sleep products are a fad. Although mostly used inside the showrooms, these videos when promoted on the social media could make up for a drooling viewer experience. This is a visual and the closest form of raising consumer awareness on the products and let them succumb to the temptation of having a dream sleep product.

If that does not suffice, even the customer point of view is now captured for the marketing purpose. How? Unboxing videos of customers opening a package delivered is a fad. It gives the customer the joy of being captured and the pride of opening an excitingly packaged item and serves as a product promotion too when the customers post it in a public forum. Check out the Casper and Purple Mattress unboxing videos online for visual reference.

Social Media Handles

Now, it is easier and also a mandate for brands to penetrate through all the mediums of the online market in order to increase visibility and brand awareness. So, every brand has a space to create an official account in one or more of the social media products such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat.

Pages and groups on Facebook play a significant role in grouping people of similar interest and drawing their affinity towards the brand. When you want to reach your target audience with only what you have to offer, a page is a valuable tool. You don’t have any distractions or spamming on the page.

A group is many at times used as an indirect medium of promotion. It is majorly used as a tool to bring together your target audience and maximise the number and then target them directly or indirectly. Your target group will be allowed to post on the group. A Facebook group, brings together like- minded people and allows them to post relevant information. The more people involved in discussing a topic, the more probability of them turning into consumers. When your page caters to the requirements of all the audience, then it would be recommended and keep the consumer flow coming in. Women’s Era magazine has a Facebook page that publishes quotes on feminism regularly and continually engaged by users. Now, think of anything about women empowerment, the audience will look up to Women’s Era.


There are many ways to publicise a page. The most important part of content marketing is the effective placement of keywords that result in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Casper is known to have taken a lion’s share of the online traffic through search. However, there are paid searches too for keywords and websites. The catch here is not just promoting a brand if you want to top the list of searches in sleep products. Having blogs and other social media pages with general information on sleep and its related information is the key to get pointed at and remembered for all sleep related information. Think mattress, bedsheet, bed or anything, a consumer must remember you. So articulating the content on social media in such a manner matters.


Blogs are used as a less formal space in comparison to a website. A blog can be used to have a frivolous content that are easy to read for a layman. Blogs are the best means of adding value to your SEO. While a website for mattress can be used for sale and product description, a blog can be used for generating elaborate information on the products and related attributes. From free to paid blogs, it is easy to create and use. The more social media handles that a product has, the better it has to reach out to more audience. In order to make it interactive, there could be an exclusive space for the audience to post their queries. If a competitive keyword is mentioned in a query, your page has the probability to appear on the SEO if someone else keys the same word on the query through a search engine! So be it a question or answer, brand awareness has to cover all the spaces of SEO and if optimally utilized, blogs can serve you great.


Did you know that meme creation now is a profession? No kidding! While serious advertisement could make you more serious and worrisome in gaining a response, a frivolous and light hearted ads will yield successful results. People engage in posts that connect with them and make them happy. A meme is a best means to make that connection with your audience.

Indirectly, it raises brand awareness than direct marketing. If consumers can remember you when in need of a mattress, what more do you need? The purpose of a meme is to connect with your audience by using it as a tool. The Amul advertisements that has its signature characters mocking each other or carrying social messages continues to be a great hit and a catalyst to buy Amul products.

persuade other consumers to buy your product. By offering discounts and attractive offers for consumers to buy your product, you draw in new consumers. When it is encouraged and incentivised to be posted on social networking sites, the brand’s credibility increases, thus building consumer trust. Use the power of social media optimally and there comes unending traffic and benefits in marketing. Payment app such as Google Pay practice this to make more people download the apps.

Online Contests

Ever indulged in an online contest? Answer something simple and win exciting prizes is what a promising online ads looks like. In a social media website, online contests help in keeping a page active and thereby increasing consumer activity and actions in revisiting further information about their desired brand. Last year, Oppo mobile came up with online contests that had questions such as “How important is a smart phone for you” and “Share the best way your smartphone helped you.” It announced a contest wooing users to share their experiences and promised to reward the best answers.

Overall, witty and pithy content that quickly puts forth a message is what a good marketing strategy demands. Using the newest technologies is the key to a successful advertising and branding activity.

ISPF is an industry body which promotes importance of sleep and role of mattress for a Indian consumers. ISPF plays very important role in connecting Indian bedding industry ecosystem. ISPF also acts as bridge between India and international players.