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Sleepwell has always been at the forefront in introducing the Best-in-Class Sleep Solutions in the market over the years to cater to the needs of our discerning customers and their changing lifestyle.

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Coronavirus epidemic has completely shaken up the global economy. From the aviation sector to the banking sector, nothing has escaped from the impact. Here’s a look at how the mattress industry is coping up with epidemic and what all steps it can take to mitigate the impact.

Consumer Psychology

Indian players have to pickup learning from their counterparts from US. Some of the mattress companies in US are using online platform for reaching out to consumers. At the same time they are also facing the challenges.


We are in no hurry – says Mr. Manish Parekh, Executive Director and President (Furniture), NILKAMAL LTD when he narrates how this relativelyfresh arrival in the mattress industry is approaching the opportunities and challenges that it embraces in new woods.

Discover the Indian Market Statistics, Trending Consumer Insights and Bedding Industry Forecasts.
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Redefining Advertising

“Embrace the language of the millennials, go mobile” say retailers. The consumer’s time with newspapers and magazines has decreased dramatically, replaced by the smartphone and the Internet. Brands restrict Digital Marketing to Brand Awareness.

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Get a pillow that suits your requirement

The quality of pillows is one of the most important thing that stands between you and your sweet sleep. It is said that a night’s good sleep is the secret behind active minds and creative thinkers. Pillows play a vital role in the kind of sleep that we get.

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Old mattress & Health

The relationship between mattress quality and sleep is almost directly proportional and both complement each other. Particularly, old mattresses are believed to have a huge impact on the sleep as well as health of the people. A mattress is a slow-moving product in India.

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A new business opportunity

Sleep disorder, also known as somnipathy, is a medical condition where in a disorder is generated in the sleep pattern. It can also be defined as a group of disorders that impact the sleep pattern on a regular basis.

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Sleep Health – An investment for your life

Understanding sleep debt helps us fetch better returns on the most important investment we can make in our lives – health. Sleep is a serious business serious health element for modern lifestyles.

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ISPF - Magazines and Reports

How to make a common man buy a mattress?

Oct 2019 Volume 1 | Issue 4

Comfort Times did a survey to check the reality.
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How Customisation Of Mattress Work For The Industry

July 2019 Volume 1 | Issue 3

How customisation is becoming important for brands.
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Modern Mattress Retail Market Dynamics


A Market Research Report on the Indian Mattress Industry by ISPF.
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Understanding The Indian Consumer

A KPMG report provides insights into Indian consumer segment growth.

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Mattress Sanitization: Consumers’s definition of hygiene and cleanliness

Consumer’s are adopting more hygienic lifestyle.
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