Orthopaedic mattresses are stereotyped as extremely firm or rock hard ones

Mr. Subodh Mehta,
Managing Director, Periyar Polymers Private Ltd and
Partner & CEO for Skyfoam Mattresses

Orthopaedic mattresses are stereotyped as extremely firm or rock-hard ones

Q Recently you launched an orthopaedic mattress for the Aged, what made you decide to focus on mattresses for Aged people?

We do not focus on aged people as such, but we have introduced a product called 50+ which essentially is a premium orthopaedic mattress. We understand that the majority of our customers have a change in preference for mattresses when they reach their upper middle age, perhaps that is when the human body changes significantly. With rising awareness of healthy sleep, customers are looking for specific options where they can get good back support without compromising on the luxury experience they expect from a premium mattress.

Q While researching the usage and need of an orthopaedic mattress for consumers, what analysis did you find which made you decide on the manufacturing of an orthopaedic mattress?

Orthopaedic mattresses are stereotyped as extremely firm or rock-hard ones. Most customers feel that though orthopaedic mattresses offer good back support, they are too firm and hard and retain heat. While extra-firm mattresses are beneficial to some sleepers in the short term, it is uncomfortable and causes pain in the long term due to the pressure points it creates. Also, there are very few offerings in the luxury orthopaedic segment.

Q How much do you understand the market of orthopaedic mattresses in India? Please share some of your key analysis of market studies.

The share of orthopaedic mattresses is increasing. I would estimate the present share to be around 10 percent of the total mattress market.

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