The pandemic has galvanised industries into thinking differently

Ms. Ratna Chibber, Managing Director, Kromatiks & Insulants

Ms. Ratna Chibber, Managing Director, Kromatiks & Insulants says, opportunities are waiting to be explored. In her first interview, she shared her thoughts on several points with Comfort Times. Excerpts

Q How well did the supply chain ecosystem of the mattress industry function during the pandemic crisis?

There was a significant setback regarding raw material shortage, escalating prices globally. Since quality is our priority, we focussed on procuring raw materials that were tried and tested and did not opt for sub-standard items. The lockdown was more difficult to navigate as it meant shutting down. Everybody was getting restless as remote work was not an option for a manufacturing industry like ours. There is so much focus on getting the correct shade of colour and providing the appropriate solution to the customer that the lockdown was hampering us from achieving this. Another issue was logistics, congestion at the port and delays in container movement. This led to delays in services and a slowdown on the supply chain front. Exports were badly hit. However, since everybody seemed to be facing the same issue, our customers were supportive and rallied behind us.

Q Anything new that the industry learnt about gaps or improvements in the value chain?

I think the pandemic has galvanised industries into thinking out of the box and in non-linear patterns to close gaps in value chain models. For Kromatiks starting with unsaturated polyesters which has been our backbone to several areas of epoxy applications and finally to polyurethane foams where customised solutions are being provided to the customer every day, opportunities are waiting to be explored.

Q What role dose colour play in a good mattress?

There is significant value addition that a colour imparts on applications such as elastomers, polyurea, shoe soles etc where a vibrant colour can transform the product completely. But there is no aesthetic role that colour can provide in the function of a mattress as it becomes a part of the mattress that is not visible. However, colour does complement the quality of the mattress in terms of its density and richness.

Q Tell us something about your strengths and Kromatiks is adding value to mattress industry?

Our singular focus in Kromatiks has always been quality and service. The industry can vouch for our credibility and we are constantly seeking to learn, innovate and provide feasible solutions to the industry. Kromatiks is a brand synonymous with quality. When we launched colours for PU foam almost two decades ago there were only two other players in the market with a limited range of colours. We introduced a myriad assortment of colours with several shades of the same colour for the customer to pick and choose what they like best. Instead of offering formulations we give tailor-made products. Kromatiks has always focussed only on colours hence our tagline of Just Colours.

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