Direct-To-Consumer Sales will continue to increase behind traditional sales

Dinesh Kejariwal, Owner, Restin Industries, has shared his views on industry and evolving customer trends.

Q According to you, what support the government should provide to the mattress industry during this pandemic?

The Government cannot provide any specific relief or support to any industry in COVID-19 times. Reduction in GST rates from 18 percent to 12 percent, in the long run, may help increase volumes and make mattresses more affordable for the masses.

Q What are some signs either with the mattress, or physical aches and pains that indicate that it is time to start mattress shopping?

Like all consumer durables, Mattresses have also a usable life – maybe 5-8 years depending upon the quality etc. Hence Mattress should be changed after this period without fail. Waiting for body aches or uncomfortable sleep to happen should not be the case to deciding on a change of Mattress.

Q Having been in the mattress business for last so many years, where do you see the industry headed over the next two to three years in terms of innovations?

The Mattress Industry in terms of innovations would see a lot more changes in new types of Raw material being used, and better innovative mattress ticking fabrics being introduced. The next level of innovation will see more productive machines reducing manpower and improving product finish. There will also be changes in the way a mattress is being sold -Online sales will increase promoting a certain range of Mattresses. Traditional dealer sales will undergo changes making them not only more competitive but also more responsive to Consumer needs. Dealers will encourage customers to try out mattresses before buying.

Q Can you share your thoughts on evolving consumer trends in the mattress industry?

Lockdowns and stay-at-home during the COVID-19 pandemic have made Consumers more conscious about their well-being. I feel customers will be asking a lot more questions about the product than before and will be looking forward to buying Mattresses which address them. Price will not be a major factor and the customer will look to upgrade his comfort level.

Q How do you see direct-to-consumer commerce and what market dynamics make this model work?

Direct-to-consumer sales will continue to increase but it cannot overtake traditional sales. Online sales are favoured due to ease of buying and low cost. All companies will continue to sell online and offline segregating different products for different markets.

Q How does Restin approach the convergence of design and technology?

We at Restin have always tried to amalgamate design and Technology to deliver an affordable Mattress. We believe Science and Technology should help us to make better products at a more affordable price. All our efforts over the years have been to ensure Technology helps us to design better products Improvement on Pu foam over the last decade has helped promote more durable and comfortable mattresses with better cushioning. The promotion of Pocket Spring Mattress has upgraded comfort in the Hospitality industry. Better Orthopaedic mattresses in hospitals have increased Comfort for Patients and help prevent many health issues.

Q What are Restin’s newest products, and what makes them unique? What plans do you have for 2021 and 2022?

Restin is a small niche player in central India – we cater to the rising middle class. In 2022 we intend to introduce products incorporating new types of Pu foam and other comfort elements like innovative Cool fabrics looking to the Climate in our geographical area.

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