#phenko nahi recycle karo

#phenko nahi recycle karo

In the pursuit to take care of the environment, ISPF and IPUA along with the Kabadiwala have taken the initiative of GREEN REVOLUTION that aims at recycling the used mattresses and not allowing them to go to the landfill, thus achieving maximum impact on environmental sustainability and pollution control

India’s first mattress recycling campaign was launched in Bhopal recently. The campaign involves recycling the mattresses and simultaneously raising awareness about the need to dispose of old mattresses in a manner that they can be recycled.

Bhopal BMC Commissioner K.V.S Choudary, I.A.S along with BMC additional Commissioner MP Singh, and the President of Association of All Industries, Mandideep Rajeev Agrawal, inaugurated India’s first ever Mattress recycling campaign, an initiative of the Indian Sleep Product Federation (ISPF), Indian Polyurethane Association (IPUA) and The Kabadiwala. Madanlal Gurjar, Vice President and Vijay Gaur, Secretary of Govindpura Industries Association also participated in the campaign and extended their full support.

In the pursuit to take care of the environment, ISPF and IPUA along with the Kabadiwala have taken the initiative of Green Revolution that aims at recycling the used mattresses and not allowing them to go to the landfill, thus to achieve maximum impact on environment sustainability and pollution control.

Under the campaign, the old mattress would be picked up from the consumer’s doorstep as per their request on the Kabadiwala app/website or on call. Consumers will also get a discount redemption coupon as a token of appreciation towards their contribution for environment sustainability. They can redeem the coupon against any product from Mattress Circular Journey retail partners.

A mattress consists of a wide variety of recyclable raw materials like Foam, cotton, coir, metal spring or rubber. These mattresses are however simply disposed of by households that eventually adds up to unsanitary landfills posing severe hazard to the environment as the Land becomes barren, soil loses fertility, landfills release harmful gases and pollutes the air, and thousands of animals die.

The used mattresses are highly recyclable (between 80-90 percent of each mattress by weight), and majority of components like steel and polyurethane have positive recyclable market value. So instead of throwing it out, one can consider recycling an old mattress – easily and affordably.

The initiative will promote the Indian mattress industry as a green industry. It will also help people to dispose of their mattresses in an eco-friendly manner, taking them towards a sustainable living. The participating dealers will be certified as a sustainable retail shop.

India’s first Mattress recycling campaign under the guidance of ISPF and IPUA has started from Bhopal, which will significantly help in regulating mattress circular economy, in saving environment and natural resources.

The initiative will be highly supported by BMC for its huge success; BMC appreciates such causes that fulfil the aim of missions like Swacch Bharat says K.V.S. Choudary, BMC Commissioner.

Mattress takes 80-120 years to decompose. It is a heavy burden on the environment. It is a path breaking initiative from ISPF and IPUA to save mother earth

How it Works?

It is a process that irons out all kinks and strives to achieve maximum positive impact. If the mattress is in a good condition- it is better to collect reusable mattress and give it to government hospitals or correction-cells so that it is used but not pushed back into the market as an unbranded product. It can also reach charity organisations. But if the mattress is half-used and condemned, what’s best is to remove all raw materials and separate elements like fabrics, PU Foam, metallic coils etc. Each of the items will be recycled in a separate process. Foam can be disinfected and converted into rebonded material. Hygiene can be rigorously protected. For totally worn-out or damaged products, the entities can opt for incineration.

This can be done in proper environments with stress on no wastage-left scenarios. It works for everyone For dealers, this is a great opportunity because they can woo customers with exchange offers (swap old for new), can create customer awareness and excitement for new purchases, can help to curb pollution and carve a positive impression in the customer mind-space. All this will not cause any additional burden to the dealer as it is taken care of by the recycling team.

As to the consumer, well, who would not be happy to return the used mattress which would otherwise occupy a huge space in one’s house? It removes the headaches of dumping and opens up the possibility of getting rewards or discounts from brands. This also helps to save cost of transport in many cases. Needless to say, the biggest benefit is that one gets the health factor of members at home.

To educate the dealers on this new initiative, ISPF and IPUA held a virtual dealer meet on July 9, 2021. About 20 dealers representing five brands took active participation. They were given the complete details and shared benefits for them and consumers as well. Dealers received several examples and were educated mainly on how customers will be benefitted from this.

Pilot Success

After a trial of 5 to 6 weeks this initiative got an encouraging response and the project would be scaled up to 100 dealers shortly. Similarly, the ISPF is planned to conduct a trial run with another agency at Hyderabad very soon. “As the response is encouraging ISPF and IPUA would be glad take this forward with all enthusiasm”, says S Sundaresan, Secretary, ISPF.

ISPF is an industry body which promotes importance of sleep and role of mattress for a Indian consumers. ISPF plays very important role in connecting Indian bedding industry ecosystem. ISPF also acts as bridge between India and international players.