ISPF Organised a Retail Training Program at Hyderabad

ISPF organised it’s another series of Retail Training programs helping Consumers Sleep Better on 18th June 2019 at Hotel Marriott, Tank BundRoad, Hyderabad.

The professional trainers from Global Talent Track Pvt Ltd were ISPF’s Training Partners for this thoughtfully crafted seminar on “Selling Sleep before Selling a Mattress”.

Mr Purshottam Malani, Managing Director – Centuary Fiber Plates Pvt Ltd. inaugurated the function. In his opening address, he advised the dealers to focus more on the needs of the customer rather than pushing to liquidate the stocks. He also pointed out the emerging trend of e-commerce and cautioned them to impress the customers with the various features of the available products. There was also stress on concentrating on sleep science to motivate the customers.

Around 70 dealers participated from different brands with vigour and enthusiasm. The interactive modules and role plays of this training session were appreciated by Retailers as they kept them involved, promoted the team spirit and also offered a practical learning experience.

While introducing and presenting any product, especially the premium ones, we advise our Retail Partners to focus on three essential aspects of product presentation to consumers: Product Features, Product Advantages and Product Benefits.

It is a must that the dealer has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the product specifications and its benefits for the consumers so that they confidently guide the consumer on the aforesaid three significant points, which are one of the important pillars of a sales pitch that support to get the deal closed.” Says Mr. S. Sundaresan, Secretary ISPF.

He also explained how to advise a customer for choosing the correct mattress to get a Quality Sleep. This was further elaborated by him with an explanation on offering the right mattress to the right customer based on customer needs for helping them to sleep better.

The Highlights of the workshop Helping Consumers Sleep Better were the Important Principles of a 360 degree Product Knowledge based on Consumer Preference that promises an enhanced level of Consumer buying experience and Consumer Satisfaction.

The participants were advised to focus on the Product’s Unique Features and its Consumer Benefits. The training also included enacting real-life scenarios as a Consumer and Retailer conversation during the selling process.

The practical case study and role-play demonstrations offered Retail Partners effective tips for handling a customer at their store.

Mr. Yashwanth Malay, from Geeta Enterprises, Hyderabad, who attended this Retail Program shares his experience of this Retail Training Program with us “The ISPF training program has educated us on the current market situations, and the potential for the growth of the mattress industry. In this training, essential tips and techniques to improve sales were also revealed. The training experience has introduced us to the hidden obstacles that we were facing and has inspired us to change our for converting footfall into successful billing.”

Mr. Harish Batcha, Batcha Comfort Zone from Hyderabad found the Training Program informative and a platform, where new opportunities can be discovered. “The training program was enlightening one with 2 key takeaways, gearing up for the next big challenge to face retail trends and taking up e-commerce with much preparedness,” he says.

The Retail Partners were also given an Aptitude Test. The qualifying Retail Partners will be awarded ISPF – Retail Partner Certification.

With a vision to enhance the Sleeping experience of the consumers and offer the finest of sleep solutions, ISPF understands the significance of the Consumer’s Retail Experience and Customer Service.

The way Sleep is important for consumers, and the mattress also plays an important role in better health. Since there is a lot of advancement in mattresses, consumers can buy from a wide spectrum of customised products available in the market. Although Indian consumers have now started understanding the importance of sound sleep and are actively involved at the time of mattress purchase, they are still not aware of the importance of a mattress as an ideal sleeping surface.

With the above insight, ISPF firmly believes that Retailers should first sell sleep before selling mattresses to enhance the consumer buying experience. ISPF’s Retail Training Programs are aimed at enhancing Retail Partner’s skills on Product Presentation, Product Knowledge and Customer Service. Based on the feedback of the Retail Training Programs, ISPF will scale up these training programs to other cities and also expand the ISPF Retail Partner membership base in the coming months.

ISPF is an industry body which promotes importance of sleep and role of mattress for a Indian consumers. ISPF plays very important role in connecting Indian bedding industry ecosystem. ISPF also acts as bridge between India and international players.