Innovating to cater to evolving customer needs

Mr. Nirbhay Gupta
CEO of Coirfit Mattress

Q Please tell us about your journey in the mattress industry since the late 70s and in what ways has the mattress industry in India changed over the decades?

Coirfit was established in 1986 and our journey started with a focus on traditional coir mattresses. Over the decades, we have witnessed significant changes in the industry. The demand for quality sleep products has grown exponentially, leading to the introduction of several new mattress technologies and materials. Coirfit has adapted to these changes by constantly innovating and introducing new products to cater to evolving customer needs. Currently, we have more than 2 million customers, 10000+ 5-star reviews, 900+ retail stores all over India, and 10+ certifications which means each of our products and raw materials is certified. We are proud to say we have increased our production capacity and easily produce up to 2000 mattresses each day.

Q In 2006, Coirfit had adopted the Direct to Consumer (D2C) model for the first time. What challenges did you face during those days when you approached customers through this model?

Adopting the Direct to Consumer (D2C) model in 2006 posed several challenges for Coirfit as big e-commerce websites were not in play and online buying was not a trend or a favoured option. Other challenges were high shipping costs and getting appropriate delivery partners.

Customers always have a mindset to feel the comfort and support of the mattress before purchasing. The online model eliminates this process so building trust and convincing customers to make such a significant purchase without physically experiencing the product was also a significant hurdle. With effective marketing strategies, transparent communication, and a focus on customer satisfaction, we were able to overcome these challenges.

Q What is your view on the Recycling of Coir mattresses? How can this be effectively carried out?

About 1,300 tons of cotton fibres and coir are extracted from discarded mattresses, annually. So, we strongly believe that the recycling of coir mattresses can contribute to a sustainable environment. Coir mattresses can be effectively recycled by implementing proper collection and recycling processes. We are working towards collaborating with organizations specializing in mattress recycling. By raising awareness and providing convenient recycling options, we strive to ensure that discarded coir mattresses are effectively recycled and their materials utilized in making more eco-friendly products like cocopeat, coir mats, etc.

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