What is your Business Continuity Plan!

Digital Marketing and e-commerce have earned the most prominent position in the Business Continuity Plan of any organization, during/post-COVID 19.

A few experts claim that shopping would be digital now. At the same time, it is also a fact that a change of a couple of months, does not change consumer behavior permanently since consumer response in crisis and uncertainty is far different in comparison to stability.

While we agree that Online shopping may see a rise, it does not mean that there will be a fundamental shift in consumer behavior. Not all shopping will suddenly move Online. Yes, the convenience of shopping from home does matter, however for a category like a mattress, were experiencing a product is paramount before making a purchase will still demand Retail Product Experience in the long run. Online does not really offer that product experience of touch and feel.


So the point arises that whatever be the business model, what is the Business Continuity Plan for your business that brings the Consumer’s Confidence back.

After thoroughly understanding the changed consumer behavior shift, we suggest having these 5 essential checkpoints in your Business Continuity Plan, whatever traditional Retail or modern Digital it could be.

1. Bring Novelty in Consumer Touch-point Communications. Make Consumers aware of your practices to maintain safety and hygiene during production, packaging, transit, and delivery.

Always remember, it is the empathetic leadership and communications that uplift human resilience and tolerance in sensitive and challenging times.

A home delivery food chain in Coimbatore has started putting three stickers where each sticker mentions the temperature of the operating employee at work – the individual’s body temperature who is making the food, the one who packs the food, and the one who went out to deliver the food. They could have simply mentioned that the food is developed under hygienic conditions. Instead, going a few layers deep and offering consumers more accurate information on the hygiene and safety the parameter will make consumers involved and help them in gaining the confidence back.

2. Robust Lead Management System

Businesses are going to become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy, which gets your quality leads.

However, how is your LMS planned will make all the difference for conversions. The conversion plan has to be 3 times robust as the Lead Generation rate is high Digitally in comparison to offline.

Lead Management System is one often overlooked segment that can turn out to be the strongest consumer touch-point having conversion potential, especially in the case of digital. You need to keep a constant check as to what is the level of product presentation of your Product Representatives and Servicing. How are they addressing concerns that hold them back? Are they offering the proposition of your product rightly in terms of its concept and benefit or just exchanging the product catalogs digitally. How is your last stage of Consumer Acquisition Funnel acting will ensure how high your conversion rate is?

When it comes to consumer’s need for “the important product” or “ any quality concern”, customers still want to speak to representatives.

The ultimate goal is to transform your visitors to customers so that the revenue goals are met. Many brands do their best to increase traffic to their websites, however, there is feeble attention to closely monitoring the conversion process. The reality is that leads are just the start off towards your goal and not really the end of any marketing activity.

3. Focus on Digital by making it more human for consumer experience. Bring in emotions.

These days, it’s easy to get wrapped up in analytics and overlook the intimate, human connections that build security and trust. If we rely too much on the technology alone, we risk losing emotions as an essential element that convinces a consumer.

When it comes to consumer’s need for “the important product” or “ any quality concern”, customers still want to speak to representatives. Many of the Maternity Hospitals recommend firm grade mattress for new mothers while getting discharged. Firm grade mattress provides relief from Hip Pain/Back Pain or Neck Pain. Merely automating the process does not help in convincing the consumer for a sensitive piece of advice. It requires emotions that assure the benefits. Such examples show that Human relationships are even more important in this digital age. Technology shifts shouldn’t happen at the cost of human involvement in the customer service strategy. Automation can always support customer service, but shouldn’t become the only driving force.

4. Make sure you’re acting on data insights, and not just the superficial data

Data without insights are insignificant, and insights without planned action are futile. A right mix of the validated data and potential insight will bring the difference. We need not overstate this importance. It is only a dry assumption that with fancy AI tools, the problems go away, or it will somehow bring in a high tech approach. The big difference between Google, Amazon, Facebook and rest all is not the brain potential of their data scientists or technological leadership. , but their deep-seated insight-driven process cultures.

5. Digital Transformation Is About Understanding the Organizational Process to accelerate it, not just a surface level Process Automation with Technology. Thus, you need to pick your players Smartly.

Get the right team together that understands your identified goals. Consider yourself as a new player. It takes a lot of effort to set up the rhythm with a new team. Isn’t having your outperforming foundational leaders a certain boon in the case of crisis to lead your testing projects.

You have to be practical about what you should prioritize. It is unlikely that your organization is able to continue business as usual right now. That’s why you need to bring together the people who understand your core business competencies well enough to make judgment calls even with limited information and offer solutions overnight.

Additionally, you need to Drive the change from the top. Leadership direction must come from the most senior levels and they need to get down to grass root level to ensure there is no dilution of the business objective. The support from the top is what motivates a secured future for any organization, especially in these uncertain times.